24 Hour Residential Services

We offer tailored staffing and supports for our 7 homes. We strive to help each person live as independently as possible and become active, contributing members of their communities. Our homes are in beautiful neighborhoods where we all take pride in being active participants in our communities. 

Individual support


  We support people who need extra help living within their own homes throughout the community

Shared Living


We work closely with individuals and their families to arrange living situations that truly feel like home – supportive and intimate. 

Family supports

Family support services are available to all families to strengthen the whole families’ capacity to support family members with disabilities in achieving equal opportunity, independent living, full participation, and economic self-sufficiency.

Burnham Center

The Nexus Burnham Center is a social/recreational program that has been in operation since the early 1980’s. Susan Burnham was an individual supported by Nexus, Inc. When she died suddenly, her family requested donations to Nexus, Inc. in lieu of flowers. Those donations resulted in $2,000 that became seed money for the development of social/recreational activities offered to individuals supported by Nexus as well as the larger community. Over the decades, Burnham Center has offered weekly classes, vacation trips, dances, bingo, and craft nights. Activities are 100% funded by the fees raised during these events and unsolicited donations that have been given over the years. The Burnham Center rents space in the United Methodist Church in Woburn, MA.

Currently, Burnham Center offers two social/recreational opportunities:

  • Monthly Friday night events are offered September through June and alternate Bingo, Crafts and Dances. These events are offered to individuals supported by Nexus, Inc. as well as developmentally disabled adults living in local towns and communities.
  • The Burnham Center Drop in Center is a Saturday drop in center offered to individuals supported by Nexus, Inc. The drop in center is a relaxed, cozy atmosphere in which folks can meet their friends, hang out and talk, do a craft project, read the paper or a magazine and watch a movie. Snacks, drinks and dessert are included in the small fee.